He is honest and transparent.

We met Rob when he first started his career in real estate. I suspect we were one of his first listings. There was something different about Rob so we decided to take a chance on him and we have never looked back.

He is honest and transparent. It is so evident that his years of owning night clubs has contributed to his impeccable client service. At first we thought the real estate industry might eat him alive due to his personality of being just a fair and honest man but it has proven to be wrong and his client base has grown substantially. Rob’s work ethic is second to none and in fact our advice to him was “slow down” we don’t need an answer immediately. Next thing you know the answer is in your inbox.

I know there are many good agents including all the agents we used over the years but if you are looking for someone new to the industry with strong work ethics and as honest as the day is long we highly recommend you call Rob Nelson.